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Who is Bhola? - The Real Diamond


Who is Bhola? A Reality or a myth, a legend, a tale or what a human intellect could conceive of a personality comprising of the highest ideals hardly attainable for anyone born. He is, who does nothing in the cosmos is worth his attainment because nothing does happen unless he lets it. HE is one who was present before the solar cycle began in the beginning of this Kalpa. He was there before anything existed and shall be there after all things come to exist. He himself is the ultimate. He acquires nothing yet nothing is beyond him. He is the forbearance of earth, the vastness of sky, soothing touch of morning breeze, cooling effect in snow, patience of mountains, magnificence of ocean, fragrance in flowers, innocence of baby, smile of a virgin, calm of a sage, love in humans, valor of a warrior, glory of a the Sun and the Moon, vigor and life of cosmos i.e. the root of all that existed, does exist and many come to exist. The seasons, the periodicity, of sun, the days, the nights, nature’s boon and wrath, one all in HIM. Those who love, realize him, who submit, get him, who forsake themselves for him transcend into Him.

The charisma associated with Lord Shiva has formed for decades the keynote of the religious, spiritual, literary and artistic contemplations of the millions of Indians. He is God – Head. His birth has been celebrated ever since this yuga started. Devotees disincline to believe that He was ever born or ever died. He is beyond the cycle of birth and death. He is the Supreme God, the full incarnation (the purna avatar) of Lord of Gods.

His story is replete with tales of His superhuman powers. Various myths and legends grew around his tale bearing a profound impact on the lives and culture of Indians.

Love Him and it is sure, as day and night, that he will be realized